Anime Battle 3.8

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Anime Battle 3.0 game has been renewed! This game, which includes legendary characters, is inspired by anime series. We updated the game and brought new additions and features.

You can choose your character and fight with the character you feel best. In order for you to know the characteristics of the characters, we explain the characters to you in each version.

In this latest version of Anime Battle 3.8, we have added 2 characters. Killua Zoldyck is a character who looks like a naive and fragile girl, but actually has the opposite characteristics. She is a rude, thoughtless, selfish character. She has no respect for her opponent and will do anything right or wrong to win in a fight. He can also use his special power as his own by measuring his opponent's abilities.

Hisoka is a warrior proven to be deadly. He takes on a very cruel and ruthless personality towards his opponents. He cunningly confuses his opponent to prevent them from guessing his own move. His special weapon is poker cards. He can defeat his opponent by using these cards perfectly. She has always kept her level at the top by encountering strong opponents.

If you want to fight with these special and legendary characters, Anime Battle 3.8 is waiting for you on this site. It is also better for you that it is free and barrier-free. You will be able to show your skills in this game that you can play online.

Good luck!


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