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Anime Battle 3.0 is here with its new version. We have made many changes to the game and uploaded the new version to this site.

We produced rich content by adding new graphic designs, scene transitions and characters in the game. Anime Battle 3.3 game is the best of fighting games. In the game, the prominent characters of the big anime series are fighting with each other.

Anime Battle 3.3 is a game that you can play multi or single. You can participate in different challenges by choosing two different modes. There are different options as a character in the game. We've given you more challenging challenges by multiplying the options. The game can be played with letter keys or arrow keys.

We added two characters to Anime Battle 3.0. Gintoki is a samurai. He is known as the 'White Devil' with his silver hair and white dress. Besides being a samurai, he is an impressive swordsman. He likes to get people out of trouble or to take a revenge.

Another added character is from the Amanto race, one of the most bloodthirsty and strongest of the Yato clan. He has superhuman strength, but this power is a little difficult to control. Pets and this power cannot exist together in the same environment.

With the addition of these two powerful characters to the game, Anime Battle 3.3 game becomes more difficult. You can play the game for free and unhindered from this site.

Have fun! Good luck!


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