Anime Battle 3.1 game has one more innovation. We aimed to provide you with a better game enjoyment by multiplying the characters in the game. We developed the software in the game and brought it to the highest level. We fixed all the bugs. We renewed the designs. We got the latest version by updating the contents.

We continued by adding characters to the Anime Battle 3.0 game. We've added a character that acts with emotions to this game. The Mob character has abilities such as controlling the emotions that occur in the atmosphere. By controlling his opponent's emotions, he defeats him. He uses this feature as his special attack and reveals it in his hardest fight.

Ekubo, on the other hand, is a very cruel character who wants to be a god. It makes everyone turn away from itself by releasing a bad smell around it. He used this as his special attack using this scent feature.

You will be able to play these special characters in the best way in Anime Battle 3.0. There are also different options in the game. Take your place in these difficult struggles.

You can play unblocked and free. We have made the latest updates on this site and uploaded them to this site. The rich content of the Anime Battle 3.1 game will connect you to this game even more.

Good luck!


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