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In the far north poles, our cute hero has opened a cute cafe. He does all the work alone in this cafe. You must help this hero.

Penguin Diner is a great game prepared for you.

First of all, you have to show customers their tables and guide them. Then you need to take orders from your customers and prepare the order right in the kitchen. After the orders are prepared, you must take the food from the kitchen and present it to the customers. While your customers are eating, you should take care of other customers. Customers will ask for their bill after they have had their meal. You should receive the payment after you forward their account to them. The faster you are, the more satisfied your customers will be and the more tips they will give you. After your customers leave the table, you must remove the empty plates from the table and clear the table for your next guest. You should definitely not keep your customers waiting. Penguin Diner 2 game is now live.

Penguin Diner is a sustainable fun game. You should join this fun right now. You can play Penguin Diner 2 game completely free of charge from our site. We wish you a good time.

"Penguin Diner" is a popular online time management game where players control a penguin waitress working in a restaurant. The objective of the game is to help the penguin serve customers, take their orders, deliver food, and manage the restaurant effectively.

In "Penguin Diner," players need to seat customers, take their orders, and serve them as quickly as possible. You earn money for each successfully served customer, which can be used to upgrade the restaurant and improve your efficiency. The game typically includes various levels with increasing difficulty, introducing new challenges and customers with different demands.

The goal is to earn enough money and meet certain targets to progress through the game and make your penguin restaurant successful.


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