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Roshambo, also known as Rock-Paper-Scissors, is a simple hand game played between two individuals. The game is often used as a method of decision-making or a way to settle disputes in a fair and impartial manner.

The rules of Roshambo are straightforward. Players simultaneously choose one of three options: rock, paper, or scissors, by forming a corresponding hand gesture. The gestures are as follows:

Rock: Make a closed fist with your hand.
Paper: Extend your hand flat with your fingers together.
Scissors: Extend your hand with the index and middle fingers extended and separated, resembling a pair of scissors.
The outcome of the game is determined by the following rules:

Rock beats scissors: The rock smashes the scissors.
Scissors beat paper: The scissors cut the paper.
Paper beats rock: The paper wraps around the rock.
If both players choose the same gesture, it results in a tie, and the game is usually replayed.

Roshambo is a game of chance, as there is no optimal strategy that guarantees a win. It often relies on predicting or guessing the opponent's move and making a countermove to gain an advantage.

The origins of Roshambo are unclear, but variations of the game have been played in different cultures throughout history. It has gained popularity worldwide and is often used as a simple and fun way to settle disagreements or make decisions in a lighthearted manner.

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