Imposter 4

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Imposter 4 game meets you with a legendary transformation. We made it more difficult by making new additions to the game. We have upgraded the game version on the condition that the rules remain the same.

We completely changed the graphic design, the field of struggle. We tried to offer you different possibilities. You can open different rooms by passing through secret passages in the Imposter game. Use the ventilation pipes for this. If your enemy comes and surrounds you, you can hide in the underpasses when you feel that you will be alone.

We've also updated the abilities of the characters. We presented the Imposter game to you as the latest version and the best. You need to have some observation skills while playing the game. You must be able to think fast and produce quick solutions. Otherwise, you can be killed immediately and kicked out of the game.

Arrow keys will be enough to move the character. You will do the rest of the activities like sabotaging, killing and hiding with the mouse. When the plan of the area you are in is in front of you, you can determine which direction you want to go and head towards that direction.

Imposter 4 is a game full of adventure and mystery. You too will be victorious from this difficult struggle. Become the leader by killing all your enemies.

Have fun! Good luck!


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