Imposter 3

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Imposter game has been renewed. Would you like to be in this adventurous game too? Then visit this site without waiting.

We wanted to give you a better gaming experience by changing some codes in the software of the Imposter 3 game. With the changes in the game, we designed the last version of Imposter 3 and presented it to you. Do not miss playing this challenging adventure game.

Imposter game will force you to sabotage and kill your enemies. You have to be faster than your enemies. Or they can kill you. You don't want this. Your enemies are actually your colleagues. But you don't know each other. Everyone is trying to win the game in the field, hiding their identity. One of them is you.

When you start the Imposter game, there are 3 different buttons in the lower right corner. Click on them to sabotage, kill, or map alleyways. The more kills you have, the more likely you are to win.

You can play Imposter 3 for free and online. Get the chance to play this up-to-date game on this site.

Good luck! Have fun!


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