Double Cubes

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Are you ready to play with cubes in Double Cubes? You may have a little difficulty in this game as the cubes have a little less mobility. But don't worry.

Double Cubes game takes place in a tunnel. There are also obstacles made of cubes in this tunnel. You have to pass through these obstacles without touching the cubes. The cubes move in the far right corner of the floor. Accordingly, you should determine your direction and act accordingly. You can also handle the directions with the left and right keys on the keyboard.

Double Cubes game offers you two different game options. You can either play alone or choose the two-player option and play this game with your friend on the same computer screen. But this option may confuse you a bit and get you stuck with obstacles.

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You can play this free and online Double Cubes game by visiting this site.

Good luck! Have fun!


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