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Anime Battle 4.2 game is back with all new updates. We improved the design of the game and made it very good. You can play the game for free.

We made the best of this game, which we created from the huge characters of the anime world. It contains content such as special attacks, character traits. In each version of this game, we make innovations such as adding characters and fixing some errors.

 2 new characters have arrived in the final version of the Anime Battle 4.0 game. These characters are modeled after the most watched and top rated anime series.

Johan Liebert is a fearless, brave character who lives with a bullet in his head. This character can turn into a monster and defeat his opponent. He designs his attack with his special weapon and starts to attack. He wants to win by defeating all his opponents alone.

Heinrich Lunge, we have added our character, a secret investigator, to Anime Battle 4.2. It has the feature of copying the information about the people in front of it directly with their eyes. That's why he knows very well how to attack. He also has special weapons against most features in his bag.

This site is for you to play Anime Battle 4.0 unhindered. The game is free and can also be played online. Even more challenging challenges are waiting for you in this game, which also has many different modes.

Have fun!


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