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Tunnel Rush 2 is back for you by updating the game. We made some changes to the game. We tried to put the colors into the game even more. We designed everything from scratch. Thus, it became a completely different game.

We brought 5 different vehicle options in Tunnel Rush 2 game. Of course, in order to activate these other 4 vehicles, you need to have the coins in the game. These coins are also included in some parts of the sections in the game. By collecting them, you can get the tools you want. The features of each vehicle are also very different. And of course the required number of coins. You can also buy the vehicle that suits you and be the best in the game with it.

In Tunnel Rush 2, vehicles can pass through obstacles of the same color according to their colors. So the walrus can pass directly through purple obstacles. As they pass through the color passages, their colors change. You must immediately perceive the changing colors and pass accordingly without getting caught in the obstacles. Sometimes stars can appear in front of you. Don't run from them. Collect as many of them as you can. All of them will be required for a different section of yours. By collecting stars, it will surround you with a shield of protection, allowing you to move forward very quickly.

In Tunnel Rush Unblocked, some passages can also throw you forward very quickly. In these cases, you are either going through very fast passages or you may realize that you have completed the level. You pass the chapters by completing them in the game, not by selecting them on an extra page.

Play Tunnel Rush Unblocked for more content and features. You will enjoy a lot. You will be faced with a magnificent game with game continuity and content.

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Have fun! Good luck!


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