Tunnel Racer

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Tunnel Racer game is back to you as a new version. New updates came to the game and installed as the best version.

In Tunnel Racer you have to control the car. You have to reach the end of the level without hitting the obstacles. Tunnel Racer game also takes place in a tunnel. There are obstacles everywhere. The obstacles are moving. You must calculate your transition places in these obstacles very quickly and pass there immediately.

You control the car with a computer mouse. In Tunnel Racer, the car maneuvers very fast. You also need to set your speed well. You have to be very calm and focus on the game well. There are sections. Can you finish each level without any obstacles?

You can play Tunnel Rush Unblocked full version and unblocked game here.

You will have answered this question with the Tunnel Racer game. The tunnel in the game can hypnotize you. Be careful with this. Colors can dazzle you. You might as well pay attention to this.

You can play Tunnel Racer game in its best form from this site.

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