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The Tricky Mod - [Friday Night Funkin']



FNF Vs. Somewhere in Tricky Nevada, a tough rap battle awaits you. This fight will challenge you. Because this mode of Friday Night Funkin opens to very different worlds. The epic rap battle will take place with a clown.

This clown will appear unexpectedly from the underground. You must be prepared for this. Clown Tricky may seem calm, but you have to be careful. Because he is very dangerous and cruel. It will distract you with its frenzy so you don't sing 4 songs. One of these 4 songs is Improbable Outset, Madness, Hellclown, and Expurgation you will also need to unlock levels.

Tricky the clown is guarded by the soldiers from the Madness Combat series. Your power is pretty low in fnf tricky game. You should miss the notes as little as possible and stay away from their scary rhythms.

FNF Vs. Tricky mode raises the level of difficulty with new mechanics added. Examples of these are colored notes and their debilitating effects. Reds are less effective than blacks. Blacks can finish you off in an instant, while Reds detract from your power.

During Hellclown, the colored flames we mentioned may suddenly appear in front of you. Be careful! You should avoid them. Did you know that black and red flames take 20% of your power? That's why you should focus. You have to protect your health or the tricky mode nemesis Tricky the Clown can get stronger from your health.

Things will get harder as you get closer to the end. This time, you'll have to be even more careful. Because during the Expurgation, all the black and red flames will turn black. Now you are in bad shape. You will instantly faint when you touch the black.

FNF Vs. Tricky will reveal your talents. You have to be calm, careful and just as fast. Your enemy's Clown dick is strong.

If you want to take part in this adventure, Friday Night Funkin's FNF Vs. Tricky version is for you. Come join us!


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