Temple Run

Temple Run is a game that tells the story of a character who can run endlessly and is chased by a gorilla from the mine. A demon gorilla chasing you, we have uploaded this adventurous game with challenging paths for you on this site.

You have to run so fast that no one can catch you. While escaping, there will be many obstacles in front of you and you have to pass them without getting stuck. When you get stuck, it will slow down and the gorilla will appear right behind you. That moment will be right behind you for a short while before you make a mistake again. This escape, which takes a very long distance, will end whenever you get tired. You will pass through roads with cliffs on both sides. You should control your speed when switching right or left. Otherwise you will fall down and lose the game. You should never be late when jumping. Because when you fall again, your temple run online adventure will be over. The adrenaline-filled game of jumping, running and sliding under obstacles awaits you.

Your main goal is to increase your treasure by collecting gold while escaping from the gorilla. There are daily tasks to be done. By completing them, you will still be able to have a lot of gold. There are many different features in this Temple Run game, where the excitement and adrenaline are very high.

While playing in this game, some features can be given to the character for a certain period of time as a gift. There may be gifts that appear brightly while playing. Don't miss them! Because they offer you features such as a shield, a gold magnet or being able to run very fast. You can also buy buy powers with a certain amount of gold.

You can add gold to the character from the temple run game abilities section, which is the best of adventure games. You can also increase your character stat by playing the game. If you want to improve yourself, you need to have more gold.

Temple Run can be played online or on mobile. We have done the necessary work for you to play for free on this site. You will need to use some keys to play this game online. AD keys or left-right arrows for movement; W or up arrow key to jump; You will need to use the S or the down arrow keys well to scroll down. Be careful and never slow down. Use all your speed for Temple Run game.

Have fun! Good luck!

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