Temple Run, the game series in which you are a runner on the road with an endless speed, has again made innovations with this version. A long and tiring marathon awaits the character escaping from the enemy monkey in Temple Run 4.

Waterfalls, trails and obstacles are also hard to find here. But it has some differences from Temple Run 2. You will be in the same area as the map. The differences are in the content of the game. We've made updates on graphics, colors and background events. We've also made some improvements to the sounds. That's why a different game is waiting for you.

Temple Run 4 game will give you a little cold. But because you are a long and endless runner, this cold does not affect you. Don't get hung up on the obstacles that come your way. You will pass through very challenging sections such as fires, forests, narrowing of roads, mines, caves. You can achieve this by keeping your pace. Temple Run 4 is a great opportunity to show your speed and dodge your skills.

Don't forget to collect gold while escaping! They have a very important place for you. Thanks to gold, you will be able to get the features you want. The game provides you with a shield of protection. This shield also prevents you from falling or getting stuck in the game for a certain period of time. So you can run even faster. Because you love gold so much, you can buy a magnet that collects gold for you. So you can fill your treasure chest without missing any gold. There is also an extra power mode for running fast. The feature you want from these three different modes can be yours.

The keypads you will play with are arrows or letters A, S, D, W. You can continue the game with these keys. You must be very fast. You must break your highest record without getting caught by the bad monkey.

If you want to play Temple Run 2 for free, here it is waiting for you. Let's defeat this monster monkey together.

Have fun!


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