Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 brings a new version with updates and additions to the game. This game, which was loaded as Temple Run 2, has become a game full of cute colors. He took a little distance from his pessimistic and tense environment. You can also play temple run 2 apk. Tomb Runner accompanies you in this game.

It was a very different game with touches reminiscent of the festival area. Changes such as graphics and background scenes also added a different atmosphere. In Temple Run 2, as in Temple Run, there are waterfalls, mines, obstacles, and fires. But with a difference, the waterfalls and mines here are decorated with colors. Do you like rainbow? Everywhere in this game resembles a rainbow. It will motivate you even more. You can also play temple run online.

The game flow continues in the same way. The monster is chasing you again. You should avoid it as much as possible. As you progress, different monsters will follow you. They are even more dangerous. temple run oz will welcome you very well. temple run apk is with you.

Be careful not to miss the gold. Because you can increase your power with them. If you upgrade you can run faster, use more shield usage time, or have a magnet to collect all the gold. You will be able to play temple run 3 game soon on this site. Temple Run does not require downloading.

You have to be very fast in this challenging adventure. You should seize all opportunities and not be stuck with any obstacles. In order to increase the character traits in the game content, you need to have a large number of game statistics. You enter a unique world with the temple run game. You can play temple run 2 without downloading.

You can play Temple Run 2 with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Adjust your speed and eye coordination well. And you won this game.

Have fun! Good luck!


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