Teen Runner

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With the Teen Runner game, we came to you with a game content that you know. It is very similar to the game that everyone plays at least once.

It is the story of a boy who made graffiti on the railways and escaped from the officer there. He must also collect all the coins without getting caught by him. Teen Runner game will have some obstacles in front of you. They should not be attached to them. If it gets stuck, the attendant will appear right behind it. We never want this. So be very careful. Also be very fast. The more obstacles you overcome and collect coins, the better for you.

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There are records in Teen Runner game. You can break your opponent's record first and then your own. For this you can run all the railways.

In Teen Runner, you can control your direction with the right and left keys, jump with the space bar and slide with the down arrow key. Some missions are also included. By completing them, you can be the best in the game.

Have fun!


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