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Run 5 Unblocked game has very different design. The game takes place in space. You will be a partner in the journey of a tiny alien in an endless tunnel in space.

 From the tunnel gaps, there are parquets in some areas that fall into the gap as soon as you touch the top. When you touch the walls, the screen turns in that direction and you move forward from there. You can do long jumps or short distance jumps. You also need to set this up well.

There are different sections in the Run 5 Unblocked game. By completing these sections, you complete the picture on the map. A few chapters that you haven't completed will also be opened, telling you the direction you will go. You must complete the remaining sections by moving in that direction.

Run 5 Unblocked game also offers you a few new characters. You will unlock them according to the levels you pass. When you complete each level, you will be given a certain amount of coins and you can get these characters by collecting them. Some minor features are also sold to upgrade a character. Thus, you can get character booster features with the coins you collect.

In Run 5 Unblocked, you will control the keys on the keyboard. With the right and left keys, you will move your direction, and with the space bar, you will jump. Be focused in the game and pay close attention to the gaps. Try to complete this game without falling.

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