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In My Dolphin Show 6, an update has come again and we tried to offer you the best game enjoyment. We made some changes to the game.

This latest version of My Dolphin Show 6 game takes place in an aqua park. A surprise awaits guests who come here. There is a show organized by a cute dolphin and its trainer. Audience satisfaction is very important in this game, which has a capacity of 100 people. You have to put on a very good show at the request of the audience.

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My Dolphin Show 6 game is a bit more difficult than other versions. The number of chapters is 18. Each of these sections contains different obstacles. In each one, the cute dolphin is expected to do different special moves. You have to control the dolphin and make sure it does the best.

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You play My Dolphin Show 6 with the arrow keys on the keyboard. The trainer only whispers to the dolphin what to do, and the dolphin does these movements. In some sections, the instructor's assistant joins you. He will also have some moves he wants. Complete the sections by doing those movements as well.

If you can complete the audience capacity of 100 people, you get 3 stars and finish the episode. You have to complete the movements in the best way and without getting stuck. The audience evaluates the trainer according to whether the dolphin is at fault or not. It is up to you to bring the trainer to the best level.

Good luck!


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