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My Dolphin Show 4 game has been updated and met with you. This time we are with a different game arrangement. We're back with newer, more updated game content.

In My Dolphin Show 4, we changed the software and installed it with a different system. It consists of 18 different sections. Episodes are locked. To unlock, you need to reach at least one star and maximum three stars in the previous chapter. In this version of My Dolphin Show 4 game, the more spectators in the stands, the more gold or stars you can earn.

There are different obstacles in each of the 18 levels in My Dolphin Show 4. Or a different feature is coming. For example, while there is only the ball in the first part, a stick obstacle is added to the second part. Many different and challenging movements such as colorful lights that follow you, moving life buoys, trampolines, bowling pins are included in each section. In the last 18th chapter, there are all the difficult obstacles. The last two chapters are considered the best, the hardest.

With each mistake, the number of spectators decreases. Therefore, you may have some difficulty in transitioning to the next section. So the more you make the audience happy, the more stars you earn. Young children are in the audience. Get extra points by making them happy too.

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Do you like getting wet? If you like getting wet from the stands, we have a special move to get you wet in My Dolphin Show 4. If you see a trampoline, be prepared to get wet. The cute dolphin will throw all the water in the pool on you.

You can still control the game with the arrow keys. You can buy different clothes or costumes for the cute dolphin with the stars you collect. At first, there will be a blue dolphin and a pink dolphin, you can choose one of them and continue. These two dolphins are free. Your outfit will change depending on your show.

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