My Dolphin Show 11

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My Dolphin Show 11 game meets you as the latest version. All innovations and updates have been made in this game, which is the last game of the series. You can play this game without any problem.

In My Dolphin Show 11, he presents what the trainer teaches the cute dolphin in the form of a show in front of a large audience. You control this cute dolphin. Therefore, all responsibility belongs to you.

You earn a lot of gold by doing all the moves in My Dolphin Show 11 game. You can buy clothes for the cute dolphin with these gold coins. It consists of 18 chapters. You are trying to complete 100 people in each level. When you complete it, you get 3 stars.

In this latest version of My Dolphin Show 8 we also added something new. When you exit the game and enter again, you do not start the levels from scratch. You can continue where you left off. And when you pass the first episode, a pink dolphin is unlocked for free. But clothes are paid. You can also proceed as a concept.

In My Dolphin Show 8, you move the cute dolphin with the arrow keys under the supervision of the trainer. All game control and audience satisfaction is in your hands.

If you want to design this magnificent show, just visit our website. You m-be a part of this amazing show.

Have fun!


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