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We combined My Dolphin Show 10 game with the concept of Christmas and uploaded it to this site. We got this final version by editing all the background scenes.

You can play the games of the whole series on this site for free and in full version. You can play My Dolphin Show 7, the best game of the game series, here.

Our Dolphin Show 10 Christmas concept game was decorated with the Christmas decorations of the aqua park and we created a very nice environment. It is a special show for the New Year. This show is supposed to be very good. Therefore, all the controls of the game are in your hands. You have to show the cute dolphin in the best way and all your skills in this show.

My Dolphin Show 10 game, which consists of 18 episodes, has very challenging tracks. If you complete these tracks without errors, you can have 3 stars. You need to learn all the tracks and the obstacles on the tracks well. Because if you come across it in another section, you can do it without difficulty.

You can click here to play My Dolphin Show 7.

My Dolphin Show 10 game takes place by the pool. You need to gather 100 spectators. If you make mistakes, the number of spectators decreases. Golds are important to you because you can buy costumes for the cute dolphin with them. Then the gold you will earn will also decrease. For this, you have to be very careful and not make any lines. If you are afraid of not being able to see the obstacles above, there is a picture of where and which obstacle is at the top of the screen.

Play this challenging but fun My Dolphin Show 10 game as much as you want from this site. You can play many more special games on this site for free.

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