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We are here with a brand new game series. Imposter 1 is a game inspired by the mobile game Among Us.

If you like mayhem, death, everyone running away from something, in short, an environment with chaos, this game is for you. In Imposter 1, you will do activities such as trying to survive, sabotaging your colleagues, hiding in the ventilation pipes.

You will have many enemies in Imposter 1 game. You can win the game by killing them. The more kills you have, the more you get ahead in the game. In the game you have to sabotage all the materials. You have to take all the focus away from yourself by shattering everything. If they fix the sabotaged places, you will be defeated.

As you move in Imposter 1, doors, different rooms and different paths will open in front of you, and you must navigate very carefully. Because an enemy may appear in front of you and kill you. You have to move very fast. You have to make good observations and complete the checks there. Because everywhere is dark. It lights up as you move.

You control the Imposter 1 game from the keyboard and computer mouse. You can kill, sabotage and enter the ventilation pipes with the left mouse button. You make the adjustments of your character on the game start page. You start the game by finding a name for yourself.

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Have fun! Good luck!


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