Crazy Tunel 3D

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Crazy Tunnel 3D game meets you with a completely different background. The game takes place in outer space. Surrounding you are the sun, moon or other planets. The platform where the ball is located changes according to the color of the planets.

There are many different obstacles on this platform, which is usually around the sun. You will also head in different directions according to the obstacles in Crazy Tunel 3D game. Obstacles are located on this platform of different sizes in the form of triangular prisms, small and large rings. You must complete the sections without getting stuck on the fixed obstacles.

When you complete the level in Crazy Tunnel 3D, you pass directly to the next level. You can control your reflexes with this game by working your hand and eye coordination together. So you do a few workouts yourself.

All you have to do in Crazy Tunel 3D game is to avoid obstacles by moving right, left or up. You can switch these directions with the arrow keys or with the mouse.

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