Adam and Eve 9

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The game Adam and Eve 9 tells the story of a caveman from the past. This version reflected the winter mode in Adam and Eve 8. We also covered the excitement of the New Year here. While playing the game, you will feel as if you are on New Year's Eve.

In Adam and Eve 9, we have brought you into winter mode by adding images such as gift packages and snow puddles. The man has to masquerade as Santa and collect every gift wrap. Because you will need those packages after the episode. It will bring you better level in the game.

Adam and Eve 8 is a sequel. Game rules apply as in any game. In this version, dinosaurs, turtles, traps will not leave you. Try to solve these problems without getting stuck and making mistakes.

Adam and Eve 9 game consists of 22 different chapters. You must complete all of them perfectly. Stairs is a difficult journey where there are many elevators and locked doors in different places in the game. You have to find the door keys from the hidden places in the section. For some doors, a single key may not be enough. Don't forget to find the rest of the keys too!

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