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Mad Dentist is a crazy dentist game that you can play for free and online. Mad Dentist dentist game is a very easy and fun hospital game that allows you to play with the help of the mouse on the computer and by dragging your finger on your mobile phone.
You can examine the teeth of a little girl or boy who comes to the hospital with the help of the tools that appear at the bottom of the game screen and perform oral care. There are some tasks that you have to fulfill in each section. You are shown with the help of arrow signs in the game how to fulfill these tasks. When you finish in a short time, you earn stars. It is enough to look at the top left to see the time in the game. When you complete all the tasks, you can ensure that the children who come to the hospital lead a healthy life. For this, you need to play this fun and immersive dentist game. When you start the game, you come across child characters from these characters. You have to choose one. After selecting the character, a picture appears on the screen with food around a wheel and a child character in the middle of the wheel. Press the Spin button on the screen to spin the wheel. The wheel spins and when it stops, choose one of the objects around it. When you press the forward arrow in the lower right corner of the game screen, you can proceed to the next stage. The child is ready for examination. The button is displayed with an arrow so that you can press the button of the lamp required for the examination. As soon as you press the button, the child opens his mouth. For oral care The necessary materials are available. You can choose the material you want and start dental care. The decayed teeth and the residual teeth are shown in different colors. First, clean the residues with the water squirt method. Then choose the tool that will help you and start the tooth extraction. You will earn points when you take care of it. In the Mad Dentist game, you have to choose the necessary materials so that you can do the same with all the other children who come to the dentist. The cleaning process may differ for each child as the food he eats changes. The important thing here is that you do the oral care correctly and completely. Visuals of the objects around the wheel detail Some of them are given as hamburger, meat, snacks etc. One of them comes randomly and the dentist game starts in this way.
Start playing this dentist game that is both educational and fun! Have fun.

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