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The Imposter game has been updated and returned to you. In this version of the game we have added many different features for the characters. You will want to play this game more because of the added features.

Imposter 2 is a game that develops with the chaos environment and calls everyone to chaos. You will want to kill your friends that you have seen while working at a job during working hours. Because at the end of the working hours, everywhere in the workplace takes on a dark atmosphere. Everyone changes clothes and wears masks. Nobody knows anybody. Thus begins the struggle. If you want to win the game, you have to kill the people around you. If someone kills you before you do, you can start the game again.

Imposter game offers you a very different experience. You have to be fast and very careful. At any moment, someone could come in front of you and kill you.

Nothing appears while in game. As you move, your surroundings light up. Sometimes you can go through tunnels and sabotage the materials there. Or you can go into the tunnel and hide when someone approaches you.

You perform the controls in the game with the computer mouse. So you perform sabotage, kill or hide with the mouse. The arrow keys on the keyboard will also help you move.

Play the Imposter 2 game yourself. The most up-to-date and special additions are waiting for you on this site.

Have fun! good luck!


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