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We came to you with a new update to the Friday Night Funkin' universe. So what is this update? In fact, we have made some changes in Friday Night Funkin 'HD both as an update and an addition.

Friday Night features 5 full weeks in the Funkin' HD universe. In each of these 5 full weeks, 3 songs are sung. Friday Night Funkin' HD is a high quality version of the original. The communication of the characters in the game meets you with the changes in the image quality. The first week of these 5 weeks is called 'My Dear Dad'. In this episode, you will fight with your girlfriend's father. You should be a little more gentle or kind to your girlfriend's father. Otherwise, your girlfriend may be very upset. Even as you struggle, he will become very tense. first week; It is completed in 3 parts as Bopeebo, Fresh and Dadbattle. The second week is called the Spooky Months. You will struggle with a strange entity with two personalities. Here again, it consists of 3 different parts: Spookez, South, Monster. Week 3 is defined as Pico and consists of 3 parts such as Pico, Philly and Blammed. You end the 4th week with Satin Panties, High and Milf sections known as 'Mother must kill'. The 5th and final fully equipped week is known as 'Red Blood'. You'll also complete it with Cocoa, Eggnog, and Winter Horrorland. We prepared a bonus and one-episode Date week. Thus, when you complete this difficult process, you will be able to have a good time with your girlfriend. You will be filled with peace by doing what you always do together. In this episode, Breaking Point will accompany you. And our surprises for you do not end. We've also prepared a special Sonic week for you in Friday Night Funkin' HD. It's at the very end, but this Sonic week is going to be tough. You will continue with Green Hill, Boom and Racing. We heard that you miss the blue hedgehog and we presented you such a gift.

Each week has different difficulty levels. A Friday Night Funkin' HD where you can play on easy, normal and hard levels is waiting for you!

Friday Night Funkin' HD has been edited with very fine craftsmanship and software and has been made free-to-play on this site. Friday Night Funkin' creator Kolsan has done something very important and valuable for Friday Night Funkin' HD. He added the characters that he drew with his own hands and animated them with colors to this version. That's why Friday Night Funkin' HD version has a very special place in the Friday Night Funkin' universe.

What are you waiting for? Come play this excellent version to your heart's content!


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