Color Tunnel 2

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Color Tunnel 2 game is here with a colorful game design. Uploaded to this site with new updates.

Color Tunnel 2 game takes place in a tunnel. The tunnel also consists of colored blocks. And there are many different colorful obstacles that move with you or that open and close. You need to move forward without getting stuck in these obstacles.

There are 116 levels in total in Color Tunnel 2 game. Each of the chapters has different difficulty and contains different obstacles. There are also 28 different balls. You can get these balls together with the diamonds you collect in the tunnel. Check if you have 348 stars when you complete all levels in the game. Stars are important for episodes.

You can control the Color Tunnel 2 game with the arrow keys on the keyboard or with the mouse. You have to be very fast. In addition to your speed, it is also very important to pay attention. An obstacle may come your way. You can play this free and online game from this site.

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