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Bad Ice Cream Unblocked game became a game in which all problems were resolved and all obstacles were removed after some problems. The unblocked version of this game is on this site for the first time.

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked is a game with the same rules. It is a game with ice patterns and some monsters. You will encounter different monsters in each level. You need to be protected from these monsters. Because they are there to kill you.

You will be in a playground that resembles a maze. There are 40 different sections. Solve the secrets of these sections as if solving a puzzle and complete the game without getting caught by anyone. Bad Ice Cream 1 Unblocked is a game that will make you very happy.

It has a cute selection of characters. Graphically, we didn't make too many changes. It was a game in the style of the game you are used to. But there were some blocked episodes. We made minor software changes in those sections.

You will also collect many fruits in Bad Ice Cream Unblocked game. When you collect these fruits, your points will increase at the end of the chapter. You will also be able to unlock chapters with point increases. There is also time in the game. The time you complete the section also affects these scores. So be as fast as you can in the game.

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked game controls will help you if you are going to play as a single player, arrow keys and space bar. But if you are going to play as two players, one of you will control with the arrow and space bar, while the other one will control with the WASD keys and additionally the F key. You will use the spacebar and F key to create a barrier for yourself from the ice or to break these ices.

Play this game, which is completely unblocked and even more interesting as it is free. Take a look at the other unblocked games we have uploaded to this site for you.

Have fun! Good luck!


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