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Bad Ice-Cream 5



Bad Ice Cream 5 game is here as the latest version. With the latest updates, the game content has gotten even better.

We made slightly different areas by editing the graphic design. We've also changed some of the monsters' moves. We have also added many different monsters to the game. Bad Ice Cream 5 game has been completely renewed. Some software is currently in excellent condition with bug fixes as well.

Bad Ice Cream 5 game offers different game options. You can enjoy the game alone or you can collect all the fruits together with your close friend. You can also run away from monsters and lure them into traps.

Since the Bad Ice Cream 5 game consists of the concept of ice, the characters you will choose will also be ice cream. You have 3 different ice cream options. Here you can choose your favorite ice cream. These cute ice creams have the ability to create or break ice. You can surround monsters with ice walls.

The gameplay of the game is very simple. Arrow keys and space bar will suffice for you. Complete this game in the best way possible by passing all levels. Bad Ice Cream 5 game is free. It is played online. If you want to play the game, it will be enough to visit this site where every version is installed.

Have fun!


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