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Bad Ice Cream 4 game has been renewed! There are new updates to the game. Episodes just got harder. We also updated the characteristics of the characters. With new additions, the game has come to a better level.

Bad Ice Cream 4 game takes place in an ice-covered area. There are also many different sections. In these episodes, several monsters take place together. You should stay away from these monsters as much as possible. Because it has lethal effects. A booster will be hidden under some ice blocks to energize you. You can escape from monsters faster by taking it.

It's your job to break or remake the ice blocks. Do this task to the best of your ability. You will also be asked to pick fruit. You have to collect all of these fruits. Sometimes you can collect one fruit, sometimes two, sometimes 3 kinds of fruit. You can reach up to 6 types of fruit.

In Bad Ice Cream 4, you continue the game by choosing one of the single-player or two-player options. You can also choose whether the ice cream character is strawberry or vanilla. You can choose 8 different characters in total. But they can be locked or paid. You can pay the fee with the gold you earn at the end of the chapter. The locked ones will also be unlocked when you complete the levels.

Bad Ice Cream 4 game consists of 3 different stages. There are 40 different challenging levels in these stages. In total you need to play 120 games to complete this game. And you will encounter a lot of monsters in these 120 levels. Be very careful and fast. Have good control of your direction and movements.

While you can handle the ice with space in Bad Ice Cream 4 game, you can handle your direction with the arrow keys. This cute and enjoyable game is free. You can play as you want. All you have to do is visit this site.

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