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Toilet Monster: Hide N Seek



Toilet Monster: Hide and Seek is a fun and imaginative game that children can play. The concept involves pretending that there is a friendly monster hiding in the toilet, and the objective of the game is for the children to find the monster or for the monster to find them.

Here's how you can play Toilet Monster: Hide and Seek:

Designate one person to be the "Toilet Monster" for each round. This person will be responsible for hiding in a designated area, preferably near a bathroom or toilet.

The other players will be the "seekers" and their task is to find the Toilet Monster.

The seekers count to a certain number (e.g., 20) while the Toilet Monster finds a hiding spot near the toilet.

Once the seekers finish counting, they begin searching for the Toilet Monster.

The Toilet Monster's objective is to surprise or "catch" the seekers by jumping out of their hiding spot and saying something playful or funny, like "Roar! You found me! You're brave seekers!"

If a seeker spots the Toilet Monster before the Monster can surprise them, they can announce their find by saying, "I found you, Toilet Monster!"

The round ends when the Toilet Monster surprises a seeker or when a seeker successfully finds the Toilet Monster.

After each round, you can rotate the roles so that a different person becomes the Toilet Monster.

Remember, the Toilet Monster: Hide and Seek game is all about having fun and using your imagination. It can be a great way to entertain children during plays or at parties. Just ensure that the game is safe, and everyone involved is comfortable and having a good time.


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