Anime Battle 3.0

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Anime Battle 4.0 has been renewed! We fixed software bugs in the game. We made updates to the characters. We've multiplied your options. We have realized the Anime Battle 3.0 version with the latest game content.

We have added new characters to this game. This is our newly added character, the scout. He is experienced, agile and very strong. It is lightning fast. He also performed his special attack using lightning bolts. A blue or white light comes out when attacking. Because he is fast, his opponent has difficulty catching him and attacking him. The fact that they can't even get close to him makes Sasha Blouse even more happy. He acts on his intuition. Because he trusts them so much. He fights alone. Believes that distrust occurs in groups.

Gabi Braun is a very ambitious warrior. He has always been the best in every field since he was little. He also worked hard and won to become a warrior with the power of nine titans. He achieved high success in the struggles he entered. Having Titan power always took his opponents one step back. He always managed to keep his strength and limits at the top.

Wouldn't you like to be a partner in these difficult struggles? You can play this legendary Anime Battle 3.0 game with a character you feel close to.

Have fun!


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